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Every project must be perfect! That is our aim. Whether it concerns a small modification, an entire renovation or a complete corporate identity, only when we are proud of our work can you as client be satisfied. Perhaps that is the reason why our customers have been coming back to us over and over again for 40 years We are happy to be at your service. From local stores to chains, independent entrepreneurs or franchisee. From North to South, from petrol stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, DIY stores, pet shops, garden centres, toy shops or technical wholesalers to the stores in your street.

Who is Hilkman?

Our employees make the difference!! 

Through their enthusiasm, ingenuity, creativity, inspiration, job satisfaction, passionate commitment, knowledge and experience, our team delivers a stellar performance time after time, thereby exceeding your wildest expectations. From conception and design, work preparation, drawing and planning in the office through the workshops, warehouse and logistics on the way to our clients in all parts of the Netherlands and far beyond.


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Every project must be good!!

To give you a small impression of our projects, you can find a brief, recent photo collage below.


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How to built wall up?

How to build gondola?

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